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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The gopher phenomenon

This last weekend I met up with my mom and sister Dani in New York City for our second annual girls weekend. (Okay, not quite annual yet since our last trip to Chicago was in 2006 and with just my mom and me. But we're hoping to make it such...) Anyways, we had a BLAST. Yes, it was freezing cold. But so pretty! I landed at JFK as the sun was coming up, illuminating a splendid city of skyscrapers covered in snow. And we hit that snow-covered ground running. Two full days of walking and eating good ethnic food and walking and drinking coffee and walking and shopping, and did I mention walking? God, I love traveling. It just makes me come alive exploring a new place and getting peeks into a culture different than my own. And doing that with my beloved mother and sister makes it all the better. Which reminds me...my mother's quirky, comical view of the world was the icing on the cake this weekend. Dani and I tried to keep track of all of her hilarious comments and by far the most amusing comment was what she exclaimed every time we came out of the subway tunnel: "Don't you just feel like a gopher the way we go down underground, travel, and then pop our heads up in an entirely different place?" The gopher phenomenon--sums up our weekend quite well:-)(You can go here for more pics.)

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  1. That looks like so much fun!! Gives me the travel bugs..! How was it to be without Soren for a couple of days? x Janneke