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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Farewell Mr. T

I still can't believe we actually got rid of our dear cat Mr. T this week. That sounds so sad, doesn't it? But for all of you who knew him, you probably understand. First of all, he had a voice like no other cat I know. He was constantly talking/whining/howling so that every time someone called on the phone they thought it was our baby crying. He also had major jealousy issues with Soren. Our crib is completely scratched up from Mr. T climbing in (despite countless swats of discipline), and Soren was constantly bombarded by howls outside his bedroom door when he went down for his naps. And the final straw for us was the way Mr. T would wake us (and Soren) up every morning at 6am howling outside our balcony door. Now that we are parents we value each and every minute of sleep that we get, hence Mr. T had to go.But I really will miss him...our naps together every day when I was pregnant,
his affectionate nature and need to cuddle,
the way he shared my lap with Soren as a newborn,and the huge smile he brought to Soren's face everytime he walked into the room.Thankfully he's found a new home with another cat friend and a lady who can love him better than we could.

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