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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life under construction

Life has been hard lately. Really hard. Our house is under complete construction and so Soren and I have been forced to live like gypsies for the last week and a half, bouncing around from house to house. Thank God for generous friends who have opened their homes to us--Tim & Tracy, Kevin & Sonya, Bruce & Mary, Mike & Aurora. Friends are family to us down here as we have chosen to live away from our families. But even with the generosity and great times playing with friends, it's been hard. Our house is pretty much piled under plastic tarps and covered in dirt. We have to be out by 8am every morning so the work crews can get going. And then it's the challenge of making sure Soren can get some decent naps wherever we are for the day. He is just so amazing. I don't think I ever fully realize just how mellow and adaptable he really is. I'm the one who's struggling. Hopefully it will all be over in another week. I swear I will never take our precious house for granted again! And, really, I can't complain. The airport authority is putting in new windows, central heating and air, and updated electrical work for free!! We are so, so blessed.And Soren's gotten to play with lots of friends...Quinn, Pele (the dog), Uncle Andrew & Tante Janneke, Zeke, and Banning & Roddick.He also let off some serious steam after our rough week!

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  1. Wow!! Loved seeing the expression session. Soren is getting very vocal, huh?

    I miss and love you guys and I hope all is hanging together under the stress of home construction.

    I would love to talk and catch up soon!