God has us on a journey. One of adventure. Of learning. Of battles. Of love. Growth is this journey realized. So here is our story.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's theme

Stop striving. Let go. Be you.
I like to call them themes instead of resolutions. It's like a concept of growth that I'd like to focus on for the year. And at this point in my life it's about time I start learning to embrace my unique identity and gracefully grow into the wonderful person God created me to be. I'm so sick and tired of getting caught up in our society's current rat race for perfection and glamour in every area of our lives. This competition of facades is spurred on by Facebook, Twitter, and yes, even personal blogs. It seems that so many women around me are just striving...for a thinner body, trendier clothes, a nicer house, more friends, a perfect-looking life online. I'm tired of trying to keep up.
This year I want to begin to relish what things in life make me come alive. My son, my husband, sunsets over the ocean, a good run, my quirky church community, an inspiring book, laughter and depth with friends, silence. I've wasted far too many years trying to be an ideal that I'm not. It's time to stop striving and start falling into my own beautiful skin.

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  1. What a lovely concept Monique, and so timely, as I was just having this discussion with T last night. So thank you for saying, so eloquently, what was in my head! :)

    Thank you also for the darling holiday card. The picture was just so precious!

    So much love to your family this new year, and I hope we get a bit of a reunion soon!