God has us on a journey. One of adventure. Of learning. Of battles. Of love. Growth is this journey realized. So here is our story.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello Arizona.

Arizona is our new home. This reality is finally starting to sink in. To be honest, this has brought about some melancholy in the Sawyer household, but that's to be expected. Thankfully we've been through this before and so we hold onto the perspective that this quiet, lonely stage won't last forever, and that before we know it our life will be full and we'll be missing these first simple days. That being said, we've been pleasantly surprised with what Arizona has to offer so far. Our house is just beautiful (click here for pics of our almost-finished place) and our neighborhood is scenic, quiet, and close to absolutely everything. Speaking of our neighborhood, we are surrounded by alfalfa fields and old tractors which is very reminiscent of my hometown and quite comforting! (Not to mention that Soren is in heaven with the tractors.) It's hot, but we've found great relief in our neighborhood pool and these wonderful things Arizona has called splash pads.
We've scoped out our huge local library, and even escaped into the beautiful rim country for a day to get views of pine trees and beautiful lakes. My favorite find has been a local gem called The Coffee Shop, where I go several times a week to study and get urban/hipster/artsy inspiration. They've also got an awesome restaurant next door called Joe's Farm Grill. These will definitely be our go-to's for visitors!
As for the reason we're here, Bran and I are diving into our studies full-force and enjoying them immensely. Although by looking at the difference in our books (mine are the two stacks to the left and Bran's is the one on the right) you might say I'm jumping in at a fuller force:-) I personally feel like my mind is coming alive in a way I never dreamed of. It's exhilarating to be here.(ASU Polytechnic: Bran's campus)(ASU Downtown: my campus)
So come visit!


  1. your house looks awesome! hoping you guys keep feeling more settled and lose the lonely feeling. just an adjustment period...but not easy either way. glad school is going well!!! i admire both of you for being in school right now! and...wow, that is one sexy staircase. LOL...i was laughing at that one. looks like a beautiful place you are settling into...

  2. monique, you are a true homemaker! your place is so warm and inviting. your family will flourish in these next few years as you continue to amaze us all with your ability to be a wife/mother/student (to name only a few of the roles you have). enjoy this next chapter in the Sawyer Story. God bless you guys :o)

  3. Great to talk to you guys the other day and now see some pics of the places that make up your new life! Continuing to pray for energy, peace and good friends when the time is right:)
    Lots of hugs to you all!