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Friday, September 17, 2010

Kisses, thank you & 1,2,3

Finally, a long-overdue Soren update. It seems like he has grown up so much since we moved to Arizona just one month ago! First, he kicked his second nap right after he got here. It's nice when he takes one 3 hour nap a day, but not so nice when he thinks he can get away with 1.5 hours. You parents know the routine--meltdown at 5pm.
And as soon as Bran and I started school Soren started preschool too! (Above pic is his first day of school.) It's definitely been an adjustment for him--taking naps on a mat in a roomful of kids (I can't believe he does it!), getting to know a lot of new people, and saying goodbye in the mornings. But thankfully he's only going 2 half days a week and he's already learning a ton! The second week of school he started saying "thank you" (more like "tank u") and now he says it for everything! And this week he just randomly started counting in his high chair!
Needless to say we are so proud and can't believe our little boy is growing up so fast.
Here's a pic of his first piece of artwork he brought home from school...
Here he's chowing on some good ol' Sawyer taco meat...
He absolutely loved his first quasi-hiking experience a few weekends ago--getting super dirty and attempting to jump off rocks...
He now climbs onto his rocking chair by himself and starts reading his books...
Here he is singing in the bathtub..
Oh yeah, and he attempted to help me decorate!
But our favorite thing that Soren's been doing lately is giving kisses. He loves kissing with his big sound effect and kisses absolutely EVERYTHING--his stuffed animals, tractors, bath toys, hamper, even his meat! We are so happy he's turning into such a loveable and affectionate little guy:-)


  1. Great videos! He's such an entertainer! I love the counting in the bath with a P on his head. He's truly a funny kid with a great sense of humor! Miss you guys and can't wait to see you in a few weeks.


  2. Malakai and Kiki and I just watched your recent videos and laughed with Soren hiking, singing, and playing.

    Malakai says "I miss you Uncle Bran, Aunty Moe, and Soren. I hope I will see you soon. I love you too!"

    Kiki says "I love you. I want to see Aunty Moe, and Baby Soren, and Uncle Bran."

    Love you guys!